Fourth Tabernacle Beth El, Richmond

Fourth Tabernacle Beth El, Richmond

Church of God and Saints of Christ

Evangelist-at-Large Joseph Weatherford, Local Pastor
500 N. 31st Street, Richmond, VA 23223
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History of the Tabernacle

The first local pastor who served at Fourth Tabernacle Beth El was Elder W. T. Howard, who was assigned in 1902 by Prophet William S. Crowdy.   At this time Prophet Crowdy was encouraging the ministers to start businesses for the church.  It is recorded that he gave Elder Howard half of the stock needed to run a general store.  The stock included food, coal, wood, oil and other goods.

Elder Howard was faithful with his endeavors and kept the store open when many other general stores were closing throughout the country.  When Prophet Crowdy came to see how he was advancing, he told Elder Howard that he had done more with half then some he had given a whole.

Elder Howard passed away in 1937 and Elder John S. Plummer, who was from Belleville, Virginia, was assigned to be the local pastor.  Evangelist Frank Smith came in 1939 and stayed until 1942 when he was assigned to the congregation in Norfolk, VA.

Elder Samuel Golson was assigned in 1942 and served until 1989.  Elder A.J. Weathers was assigned from 1989 to 1991.  Then Evangelist John Martin was assigned as local pastor in 1991 to 1999. It was at the 1999 Annual Assembly, Elder Joseph Weatherford, (elevated to Evangelist in 2002), became the local pastor.

Fourth Tabernacle Beth EL continues to be a beacon of light and service to our community.  The tabernacle sponsors annual and monthly events to feed those in need, give supplies to students returning to school, offer helpful resources to families and share a love for God and mankind whenever possible.

Fourth Tabernacle is located at 500 N. 31st Street, Richmond, VA 23223.